Case Technology was one of the first founders of the IPv6 Forum created in France by Thomson CSF research center and among few international manufacturers who participating in the awareness program worldwide.

Later, the company has organized the first Middle East / Asia summit in 2001 IPv6 Summit with the support of experts, researchers, and Etisalat who sponsored the event, while it was fourth international worldwide summit. The summit was in fact attended by 5 Telecommunication Ministers and around 350 IT decision makers.

Later with the help of Dr. Latif Ladid, IPv6 Forum President, and the IPv6 Experts and speakers around the world, six Middle East and North Africa Summits were organized in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Saudi, Tunisia, where commitment from the Telecommunication Ministry or Server Providers we’re signed for the planning and strategy for the transition of phasing out the Old Internet Protocol IPv4 and to plan for the development and application to cope with nations’ future needs and requirements in IT infrastructure.

Our Golden level IPv6 trainers provide training ranging from basic to advanced level suiting sectors including Finance, Government, Public, Private, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Education and Consultancy. Additionally, Case Technology provided trainings for ITU and TRA teams in the Middle East and several countries in the Arab world.

Case Technology, with the help of in-house consultants and trainers, and in coordination with International IPv6 experts and Consultants, are capable to design, propose and implement a successful IPv6 transition projects for organizations and Government institutions. While responding to the lack of IPv4 available addresses, these organizations can take advantage of increased Infrastructure and systems security, and implementing IoT Solutions, maintaining and providing services disrupting and optimizing most of business verticals.

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